Annual General Meeting - Thursday 2 August
Boardroom, Hervey Bay RSL

As an incorporated club, the Jazz Club is legally obliged
to hold an Annual General Meeting each year

there must be enough members attending to make "quorum"
for the meeting to be legally valid.If there aren't enough
present, another AGM has to be held,and repeated until there
are enough members present to make a "quorum".
If you are a member of the club, please attend if at all possible...
We need the numbers... Don't forget, this is also your chance
to contribute any ideas you may have for the club

And now, for July... THE DUCK!

Yes - Galapagos Duck are back...
7pm Friday 27th July
Hervey Bay RSL

For more details of future planned events
please click on "events"

To enjoy a superb evening of great music, please support your club,
and keep jazz coming to the Bay by blessing us with your presence...
Enjoy the superb RSL cuisine, fine wines, and enchanting music.


About the jazz club...

The Hervey Bay Jazz Club is in its 15th year of bringing quality jazz to the residents of Hervey Bay.

The club's events have featured, amongst others, Tony Monaco from the USA, Galapagos Duck,
The East Coast Connection, Gypsy (Manouche) Jazz from Ewan McKenzie, The Vinson/Newcomb Project, Ingrid James,
The Hervey Bay Big Band, Sydney's John Leigh Calder, Mal Wood & Friends, Paul Hendon's Goodman Quintet,
The Jazz Factory, Jazzarati, Spyglass Gypsy Jazz, Peter Uppman, the Kitty Kats, and many many more.