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From the President’s pen…

Our first gig for the year was inspirational!
Judith Nijland - vocals & Pieter Althuis on bass; (both out here from Holland)
reuniting with Marnix van Bruggen on keyboard
and Max Sportelli on drums...
hit the 78 jazz-lovers present with a great variety of excellent jazz.
John Park thought it was a very European experience
and with Abba tunes re-worked into jazz tracks along with plenty of standards
and some originals, it certainly was!

Judith is a vibrant & engaging personality and I loved seeing the muso’s enjoying themselves as well.

Next month’s gig will be on the week prior to Easter – that’s FRI MARCH 23rd.
We’ll have a few well-known players – Peter Uppman on trumpet
Gordon Matheson on guitar
Mark Nahuysen on rhythm guitar
John Conley on Bass & Rodney Ford on drums (both from Galapagos Duck).
Nicole Parker Brown is a delightful & accomplished jazz vocalist.
I heard at Broadbeach Jazz Festival a couple of years ago & was very impressed!
(for a preview click on the youtube link on the home page)


APRIL 27 will see us celebrating our 14th birthday
with the popular Kitty Kats & their big band & wonderful sense of fun, so please don’t miss it either…
Look forward to seeing you all next month – Chrissy Hirst

Keep your jazz club alive! - Chrissy Hirst

and a souvenir or two from the editor's camera...

Judith Nijland
Truly a jazz virtuoso - she delighted us in English, French, and Portuguese - (all additional languages for her)
Awesome... Hartelijk bedankt Judith!

Marnix van Bruggen

Peter Althuis

Max Sportelli

and the support guys, without whom it wouldn't happen!

Don't forget...